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the online portfolio of Mikal Morello. I am a Boston based graphic designer currently working part time as a freelancer. Always on the lookout for new projects, you can feel free to shoot me an email with any inquiries.

Sheldon Farm Baskets
Beacon Hill Civic Association Dance

  • Graphic and Web Design (including flash)
  • CSS, HTML, ActionScript
  • Branding
  • Project Management

Dec. 16 | 2009
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March 27 | 2010
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Mikal Morello

MicaGrafica logoSpecializing in interactive design I worked as a project manager over the last 2 years at a Boston based web design firm. I am currently accepting new projects as a part time freelance designer while working as a web specialist at Boston College.

I have attained a unique perspective and working knowledge of all aspects of the design process. I have managed, developed, and designed multi-media projects ranging from ecommerce sites to interactive mall kiosks.


Program Knowledge


Clean Usable Web Design
Abilities Divider HTML | XHTML |CSS | Actionscript | Design Documents | Brand Identity | Social Media | SEO |SEM | Graphic Design | Flash | Print | Typography | Project Management | Art Direction + Development

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